As Glory Blinds Board of Directors, we adopt the following ethical and moral values

  • Respecting social values

    As a company, we respect all the “values” that society accepts and values.

  • Always prioritizing the issue of human health and safety

    Measures related to occupational health and safety are bound by certain rules by our management and they are applied precisely by all our units. In this regard, by following the instructions of the occupational health and safety unit, providing personal protective materials completely, the healthiest and safest working environment is offered for our staff.

  • Protecting natural life, supporting, disposing of waste materials and protecting natural eco-system

    As Glory Blinds, we eliminate all the factors that may harm the environment with our production strategies and determine our production methods accordingly. We do not pollute the nature, we do not dispose of waste materials . We do this on a continuous basis to protect natural life and to support the continuation of the ecosystem.

  • Continuous studies to increase energy efficiency and prevent waste

    Energy is the most important resource of our age and businesses must be very careful about resource use. In addition, efficient use of energy is an important factor that will benefit nationally and universally.

  • Being aware of that its staff is honest, harmonious, hardworking and innovative

    Our company has always cared about the needs of the society it is in. It was included in every project that would be useful, and supported and continued to support every project that would contribute to the benefit and progress of our country and our country.

  • Protecting the rights of stakeholders

    Our company recognizes and protects the rights of all individuals and groups affected and affected by business activities as specified by law and bilateral agreements. The parties are always informed of their rights. Our company always fulfills its responsibilities towards its stakeholders completely. As a company, we work with our stakeholders with the awareness of “governance”.

  • Protecting trade secrets

    All kinds of financial, commercial, technical and strategic information in our company are shared with third parties, and any agreement and contract that will harm the company’s interest is a secret and never leaves the company. All customer, dealer, supplier, employee and market information is protected, employees never share this information with a third party, except the authorities.

  • Establishing sustainable relationships based on trust and reputation

    Trust and reputation are always a prominent element in the competitive environment. Our company always maintains its relationship with its stakeholders within the framework of these virtues. We manage our corporate reputation well, we are not just financial assets and profits. We attach great importance to every issue, social and environmental.

  • Not to sell fraudulent products

    Cheating is a crime. Our company never shows an attitude towards committing crimes and does not compromise the personnel who show this attitude. Unfair profits are not attempted by showing the non-existent qualities of the product or service. Quality control is very important at this point and after the raw material of the product enters our warehouse, every process until it reaches the customer is meticulously controlled.

  • Not making unfair competition- Competing fairly

    Unfair competition; an unethical practice prohibited by law. Our company never tries to outperform its competitors with misleading expressions. No misleading, negative ethical and commercial ethics statements are made to our customers about competitors and their products.

  • To take care that its staff is honest, harmonious, hardworking and innovative

    In our company, our staff always works in harmony and in a team, and with the suggestion system that is done every two months, the ideas and appropriate and feasible ones a rare implemented.